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  1. Hi Guys,

    This is an interesting discussion as I heard of quite a few traders having trouble setting up dual wan routers that switch instantly when the primary connection goes down.

    If anyone is using a dual wan router with an IB account, can they tell us if they have to re-login after the primary connection goes down - I'm presuming you would have to. If so, has anyone found a way to overcome this.

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  2. I use IB, and when my Comcast cable goes out, my entry screen goes from a "black" background to a "purple" background. When the Comcast kicks back on, the system usually seems to be up and running as IB will try to automatically reconnect. I therefore haven't had to re-log back into their system when my internet coonection goes down for less than a minute or so.
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  3. I brought the symantec vpn2000 for $499..

    works greats..good security features too..
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  4. rwk


    How oftern does your Internet connection drop? I am using IB & Comcast too (Mountain View California). A few days ago it dropped just as I was about to click "send". I raised hell with Comcast, and they sent a tech out to replace the modem.
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  5. Is anyone able to instantly login to IB using their second internet connection after being logged off from their first connection using a dual wan router?


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  6. I've recently installed a Twin Wan Router. Having some initial problems. I use ESignal- and when I test the router, I'll disconnect the cable, the Dsl kicks in, but ESignal bounces me out with a problem of Duplicate ID.
    Anyone find a way to resolve this??
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  7. signals


    AFAIK the problem is that eSignal software sees you coming now from a different IP (DSL) than what you logged in as (cable). eSignal does not allow a single user to appear to be coming from two different IPs. You will probably need to logout and log back in from the new IP.

    This is one of the dirty secrets of HA/failover devices. They are not as seamless as you would like them to be some times.
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    Anyone know if you can use both connections at the same time. ie, DSL for trading and Cable for other apps and email?
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  9. My understanding is if you use some additional software like download accelerator, you'll be able to benefit by using both at the same time, however, this does not help my situation where the ESignal recognizes that there are 2 different IP addresses, and therefore won't let you in
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  10. This is true, in case of an unexpected disconnect you will have to wait for your eSignal login to timeout and only then you can log in again from your "new" IP.

    TM Trader
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