Cable/DSL Dual Router

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  1. was recommended by a friend...

    $70 vs. $195 not a really big deal to me when it comes highly recommended.
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  2. Did your friend know about Hawkings...what did he say? I am thinking of buying it? have always believed in ...."you get what you pay for" ...I was just wondering why the Hawkings was so cheap?

    Michael B.

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  3. awesome!
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  4. No...I didn't ask...I was actually looking for the Hawkings FR 24 and didn't see it, so I said what the Hell.
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  5. chessman

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    Thanks for sharing this information.

    I have both DSL/Cable, but they feed two separate computers for redundancy. This dual router setup looks interesting.

    Two quick questions:

    If I understand it correctly, there is no failover delay since both connections are always up?

    Is the setup pretty straightforward?

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  6. chess...I think that is correct and I hope it is easy to set up as I barely know how to turn on my computers.
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  7. 10-29-03 12:40 PM
    Xincom Twin Wan Router XC-DPG402
    I recently purchased this router(@$189.00) to take advantage of the fact, that I have access to both Cable and DSL at my home. There are some great reviews of this little gem,, and that can give a great insight to it's features, capabilities and performance.
    "Having two separate WAN connections theoretically offers twice the throughput of a single connection. However, there are a number of issues to bear in mind. First and foremost, it is not possible to use the dual WAN feature to speed up a single file download, each download has to go through its own WAN connection. Programs like flashgate or Download Accelerator can theoretically solve this issue and double the bandwidth if the files are downloaded from different servers. Unfortunately, flashgate still does not improve the situation since it will default back to a single WAN port. Download Accelerator, on the other hand, is capable of truly combining the bandwidth of both WAN ports and, thus, in situations where there are caps in place, double the bandwidth of a single connection as long as the servers can keep up with the requests". I'm trying to set-up Download Accelerator to do this today. I have tried the simple test of unplugging the cable modem, or the DSL connection during a download and there is a seamless transfer. This is the feature that interests me the most, as I resume actively trading this week. A cell phone set to speed dial my broker is also a must have. I know that many traders are successful using a 56k dial-up connection, and multiple broadband access is growing with bandwidth demand. My cable connection is$41/month for a 1650 Kbs download, and DSL is $37 for a 770 Kbs download speed. Upload is surprisingly slow on the cable(300 Kbs) compared to 575 on the DSL.

    You do get what you pay for!
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  8. "tom's" conclusion is "not clear to me whether it has enough real advantages to justify a 3X price premium over Hawking's FR24, which performs many of the same functions, has had a year to shake out its bugs, and comes from a larger, more established company."

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  9. Will you give us a report in a few days and let us know how it's performing?
    (try disconnecting either the cable or dsl wires and see what happens)


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  10. I will...but I am leaving town for X-mas and will only obtain DSL to go along with my cable upon returning, so it may be upwards of a couple of weeks.
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