Cable companies capping service

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  1. I was just reading about how some cable ISP's are considering "capping" the amount of data you can download in any given month....

    I use Realtick software and was wondering if I am actually downloading this data? Say my ISP tells me I can only download 10 gigs of data per month (I made up a number); does my using realtick usage affect this number???

    Anyone know???

  2. Where do you live? And where did you read that? That would really stink if they cap bandwidth.
  3. I live in Michigan and I read it on

    It has been talked about for quite sometime now. Some of the companies in Canada are already doing this...

  4. Yes. The ISP would be measuring the number of bytes flowing into your system. They wouldn't know the difference between you downloading a file and you streaming RealTick data. Both use bandwidth.
  5. yes, many of the providers (DSL and cable) cap both download and upload quantity per month (and of course speed ...)
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    Yes it happened in Ontario, Canada a few months ago. The leading DSL service (Bell) capped service at 5 gigs. After that they charge you $7.95 per gig per month. I switched to the leading cable internet provider (Sympatico). They promptly also capped our downloads to 5 gigs also.

    The mainly did this to curb rampant pirating and exchange of music, full movies, games, porn videos, etc.

    They also recently passed a law forbidding Canadians from legally or illegally (pirating signal) obtaining American satellite TV (DSS).

    Damn, I hate living in a communist country!

  7. So I guess the next logical question would be does anyone have any idea how much data a program like realtick would use per month?


    P.S. Hopefully my ISP won't impose a cap!!!
  8. It depends on what you pull. For example, if you have a bunch stocks in tickers and intraday charts you can use up the bandwidth fast, but if you only track a few stocks most likely not. Make sure you can cache data on your box so you don't have to draw all the data each time you type the same symbol.
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    So am I reading this correctly, or just being pessimistic? Does this sound like another potential trading impediment? Hope not, it seems like it could get expensive and thus another increased cost, a barrier to entry for us newbies. Of course, I don't know what the bandwidth requirements are for trading, so maybe I am jumping the gun.

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