Cable- 3 pips

Discussion in 'Forex' started by frogy, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. frogy


    Anyone using a broker/dealer with a 3 pip cable spread?
    Preferrably one that has either mini or flex contracts.


  2. united46


    I've used CMC for a while now - over 2 years.

    Never had a problem with spread or bad slippage. The only thing I've found is that their platform is freezing a lot recently. Up until the last 2 months, I've never had a major problem and I don't know if it's them or just my own comp playing games?

  3. frogy


    I tried CMC, but their platform was very buggy and crashed constantly on my box.

  4. You can trade CME globex british pound, very liquid.

    It has 1 tick value of 6.25$, that's like trading 6 mini

    During Europen session and US overlap it's 1-2 pip
    spread ($1.5 average spread + $0.75 commision & fees,...)

    It's nearly 24 hour also, and spread don't widen much
    like spot FX during news releases