Ca Republican supports racial and homosexual slurs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by .........., Mar 21, 2010.

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  2. Ricter


    "Supports" is a bit strong for word choice there I think.
  3. hughb


    You must have posted the wrong video, Nunes clearly said that the name calling by the protestors was not appropriate
  4. hughb


    I have been waiting for video by news crews or even amateur video of yesterday's protest. So far none have surfaced that show the racial and anti-gay epithets. Has anybody seen any that can be posted online? I noticed that the capitol police are saying that no charges have been filed against anybody from yesterday's protest, and one congressman alledges that he was spat upon, and that is an assault.
  5. Like people yelling the N word while Palin was giving speeches,if you don't denounce it or if you say they have a right to say that stuff they are supporting it imo

    They need to just take their white sheets and hoods off and join them
  6. hughb


    I still haven't seen video of these alleged racial taunts, and the last story I read said that the capitol police is not investigating any intimidation or assault reports related to this. Has anybody found anything? This is begining to look like a Tawana Brawley type hoax. Was there not one news crew there?
  7. kut2k2


    "When you use totalitarian tactics, people begin to act crazy. People have every right to say what they want. If they want to smear someone, they can do it" -- Devin Nunes

    Sounds pretty fucking supportive to me. What totalitarian tactics? When did "majority rules" become "totalitarian"? Probably the same instant the GOP ceased to be the majority. And on what planet is this a justification for racial epithets? (Including anti-Hispanic ones, Senor Nunes!)

    Republicans think they have a god-given right to rule, to always get their way and to say whatever they want to say about the opposition. If any party is Un-American, it's the GOP. The sooner they go the way of the Whigs, the better off this country will be.

  8. A totalitarian state ushered in by democratic vote is still totalitarian.

    Might want to bone up a bit on your nazi history.

    btw: The n word has been over played and used as a political tool by the left. The accusations without audio or arrests are highly suspicious.

    Even if true these congressional traitors need to grow up and handle the heat.
    Sure the n word is offensive to many and incitement to violence but so is blatantly lying on the floor of the house while trampling the constitution.

    Go cry about your hurt fweeelings in the closet, nobody cares.
  9. The biggest irony to me is that the media constructed this whole phony image of obama as a post-racial, post-partisan leader who would bridge the great divide and bring us all together. Turns out his idea of bringing people together was that everyone who disagreed with his radical socialist plan should shut up and surrender. Otherwise, they were being divisive.

    The reality is that obama is just what his background showed him to be. He is a radical, hard left activist who is not concerned about building consensus but rather on jamming his agenda down peoples' throats. He is quick to play the race card, or have surrogates play it for him, as absurd as that is. It is very obvious that the whole reason he got elected was his race. Otherwise, he is Dennis Kuchinich or maybe an unattractive, goofy-looking version of John Edwards.
  10. I love how the same people that say republicans support slurs are the same people that have no problem throwing around words like retard.
    #10     Mar 23, 2010