CA Redemption

Discussion in 'Economics' started by WilderMan, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Here's a 5 beer thought:
    Allow CA to issue bonds backed by state employee pension funds. Don't know if the fund values would cover their deficits, but guaranteed they'd be pinching pennies to make good on them. Probably should throw in mandatory $250k contributions by all legislators for good measure...

    Better their money than mine, as I see it.
  2. It may be better to buy property in Oregon, Nevada and/or Arizona that borders upon California because that way, when California sinks into the Pacific, you'll have beachfront property worth millions! This does not apply to Mexico's border on the same. :cool:
  3. Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Maybe Kim jong il is our lex luther who will launch a nuke into the San Andreas fault. Many will think that Obama is our Superman, but with all his policies toward NK, he is really our Otis. Maybe thats his plan. Does Obama own real estate in Nevada? Is he going to have his own "obamasburg"
  4. Otis?......Otis from the Andy Griffith Show? That would mean that Obama is Barney Fife. :cool: