CA bans Gay Marriage

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    with 95% of the vote in Yes on Prop 8 leads 52% to 48%.

    This proposition was set up to amend the CA Constitution.

    Which was a response to judges overturning previous law banning Gay Marriage and legislating from the bench.

    Funny how just a few months ago everytime gay marriage was mentioned in the CA media (and sometimes the national media) the media tagged on some sort of statement saying the majority of Californians support Gay marriage.

    Considering that Obama won we probably had a liberal vote turnout in CA and yet a majority voted to amend its constitution to say that marriage is between 1 man and 1 women.

    That is liberal media bias in action.
  2. Thank God, Arizona & Florida too. Gay Marriage is banned, everywhere.
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    I think that the social issue votes this year have been very interesting, and it makes me wonder how much to the left the country really did shift. In California who would have thought that they would ban gay marriage, in Arkansas the proposition to prohibit anyone who's not married from adopting or being foster parents passed and in Florida Amendment 2 also looks like it will pass. This means that a lot of conservatives came out, crossed the party line and voted for Obama. In that regard I think this election was in many ways a total rejection of George Bush and the current crew running the republican party, and less so a major shift to the left by the American people. I'm not sure how the Obama camp will see it, but that's my thinking right now.
  4. I'm a conservative and whenever I said that, I was accused of being "fake."
    The GOP is an ethnic part, Uneducated White males & prob just 60 % of them, it's over. If the GOP remain this way, they won't win anything, ever.
    Go bring back some real conservatives, enlarge the "tent", get rid off the Jewish neocons and DROP ONCE AND FOREVER THE stupid anti-books anti-smarts evangelical Southerner, and I'm all yours.

    BTW, MA passed Marijuana decriminalization, I like it, police can focus on real criminals instead of hungry stoned teens. I have no problem with civil unions but fags "marrying" is a bit too much
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    dang, i mean, i have a wide stance
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    going into yesterday's election, prop 8 was going to be defeated according to the polls, even though it was gaining ground as election day neared. For it to win by as much as it did, (and it did win even though opponents aren't conceding), shows that it got "Bradleyed", people lied to the pollsters. I believe that a lot of people I talked to about it lied to me as well, as I did not talk to a single person who said they would vote for prop 8.

    Brian Kinney, a fictional character on the Showtime television series Queer as Folk once said, "there are two types of straight people, those that hate you to your face and those that hate you behind your back". I thought that was pretty cynical, but now I think it's pretty accurate.

    You guys wailing and gnashing your teeth over same sex marriage are so full of shit it isn't even funny. Not a single one of you would be adversely affected if queers get married. You certainly take a lot of joy in depriving them of the same rights that you have though.

    You want to protect the "sanctity" of marriage, although I notice lately you have replaced the word sanctity with "tradition", realizing that even you can't make a case that there is anything sanctimonius about marriage. What is about the tradition you want to preserve? The lying? The cheating? The divorces? Fine traditions worth protecting.

    Anybody stupid enough to get married should be allowed to.
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    hugh - I see your other posts and i think you are not getting what drives a lot of people to be against gay marriage. This is not a anti gay thing for many. it is a democracy being tested by a movement. Some of us see through the rhetoric and the bullshit and are concerned about the system.

    We get concerned when activist judges legislate from the bench

    We know that changing laws and definitions creates slippery slopes. (why not 2 women and guy are 20 guys and a women)

    We also know this was a part of a radical agenda. We do not like having our culture changed by a bunch with purposeless agendas.

    Why do gays need Marriage when they have civil unions? I support of civil unions.

    I ask the question - what if my kids choose to be Gay or what if I were.

    My answer is - that equality and civil unions are just.

    On the question of marriage - majority rule on this subject is the way it should be. I see the proposition as democracy in action.

    activists judges attempted to decimate the will of the people. The people spoke.

    When a majority wish to have gay marriage.... Then they can attempt to amend or revise the constitution in the appropriate manner - through a vote not the courts.

    In my opinion this was a victory for democracy
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    Changing laws creates slippery slopes? It is perfectly legal for same sex couples to get married, the law was changed last night when prop 8 passed. However, since prop 8 fits ~your~ agenda, it's not a slippery slope now.

    why do straights need marriage then? They can do just as fine with civil unions too.

    Democracy works great when two wolves and sheep vote on what's for dinner too. A minority of people should not have their rights taken away just because the majority doesn't like it.
  9. I'll tell you what's highly annoying about Gay people.
    I was stuck in traffic in DC for a few hours because of some stupid parade for Gay people to celebrate their "Pride"
    I'm heterosexual, I love fucking women, I don't go outside and parade and celebrate my dick for 8 hours, if you learn to behave as citizens, like each of us instead of behaving like an obnoxious lobby, then people would be more responsive.
    The tree huggers & Peta have the same problem, the issues & fundamentals on their side, but the Style, my oh my, incredibly pushy and annoying.
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    I can tell you in part what that vote was about. Fourteen years ago we passed Prop 187 which was going to deal with our illegal alien problem in California once and for all. It not only had a majority support of all Californians, it had a majority support within the Latino Californian communities as well. Pinhead outsiders claimed it was racist but it wasn't. Not one of the in-state arguments against Prop 187 mentioned race because they knew they couldn't intellectually justify it. Then some piece-of-shit federal judge said Fuck you, California, I'll decide this issue: No on 187.

    I am sick of pos federal judges of the left or the right trying to tell decent citizens how to deal (or NOT deal) with their problems. That's why I voted for Prop 8.
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