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  1. Pekelo


    Why do you take only longs? Until this current market top that was a decent strategy but not anymore....

    What if we are going to have a bear market? Do you stay in cash?
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    not exactly all the time.. if market falls in a straight line then yes. For typical bear markets the system will try to capture those intra-day rallies on the long side when conditions are right. Sure, we will have drawdown in a continuous bear market, but it will try to preserve capitial and patience will be heavily rewarded when market turns back again. point is no matter 2001/2002/2008 happens , market in general rises over time. I do personally short the market as well and i do get a higher return ,but usually it is at the expense of a higher drawdown (from my experience especially US market). As a result, I am not offering to the customers the short side. May be I will start another system that will be long-short. This year has been kind on short side so far though
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    A new list is needed, except one system*, all of the systems on my Watch list are in the red after last week's sell off, not surprisingly...

    *even that is only slightly break even
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  7. Are there any systems that fell less that SP500 buy and hold this month? Better, any that gained?
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    Nasdaq ETF timer is up 12% in Oct, but it went short a bit early, back in Sept. It makes very few trades.

    VIX TrendFollower is up 40% in Oct, but previous 3 months were red...
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