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  1. Have a very simple short vol strategy with hedges. Is it worth it to pay the $99 a month as a way of getting subscriptions? What does the average C2 trader get in subs? Personally, I just want to offset my fees and 20 or so a month at $5 a pop will do that. Realistic? (Apologies in advance if this isn't the best forum in which to ask this question.)
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    Think I made 3 trades in last 2 months on the back of subscription digests which worked out. Perhaps I should read them more. My jury is out on them.
  3. Actually, I was going to be posting my trade and system. Not using someone else's. The other side of the C2 program, in other words. Was wondering how many subscribers the average trader attracts.
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    They also have a discussion forum:
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