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    Anyone here who love programming in C and are developing or looking to develop trading systems, manual or automatic in it?

    I figure there is alot of common code that can be shared in dynamic libraries. Common tasks like downloading index component lists, historical data, etc.

    Interested to contribute to a bundle/package of of a function modules for Linux and Windows?
  2. Yes
  3. For trading platforms, you could contribute to the TradeLink project instead of starting a new one.

    For risk and pricing models, see QuantLib.
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    Tradelink is written in C#. The OP was asking about C.
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    All are retired now. You can play cards with them and stroll on the beach.
  6. He could work on a C++ port of TradeLink then. Not sure about the benefits of such a project, but it'll still beat reinventing the wheel.
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    why would anyone use C to download lists, or do historical data work? python, perl, ruby etc is the right tool fo rthe job in those situations.

    Here's a C task for you matlab zeromq interface
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    This is really the problem with the whole open-source "why don't you write/port it yourself" mentality. Maybe he's the best trader/accountant/statistician/matlab-user/baker on earth, but he's probably not a great programmer
  9. i find you learn things you never forget doing things people tell you not to.. haha
  10. Why? Because I can code it much more quickly in C because it's the language I use in my day job (well, C++ really). Spending time learning the latest new whiz-bangy languages is counter-productive for me. I'd much rather work directly on projects in the language I'm most familiar with.

    Remember the Beta versus VHS video tape war? Even though Beta was technically superior to VHS, guess who won out?
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