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  1. 22 billion market cap at 4.17 a share vs it's competitors like BAC and WFC running at 122 to 149 billion market cap.

    two top insiders loaded up HUGE! I analyst calling for 8 dollars (which would bring market cap to 44 billion)

    look what happened to BAC last time analyst upgraded bac to 17.

    this is almost too easy of a play
  2. The only problem is the Government owns C. They can't even pay their traders without public outrage.
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    the gov't can dilute more shares if C needs more money.

    the gov't can own like 80% of C if it wants via share dilution. that is the problem with equities cause number of shares outstanding can change. therefore p/e change

  4. whoa ok wow, I'm right again.
  5. I just bought 10 jan2010 calls @ 9 strike

    I figure I'll only lose 110.00 if I'm wrong. so what the hell :)
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    I don't get it. 10 jan2010 calls @9 would cost you around 3K if you bought it today.
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    My mistakes.......
  8. ya cuz they were .11 cents each, x 100 shares per contract so
    1000 x .11 = 110 :)

    I figure its a good deal, because thats less than 3% risk of my acct, and from all the volume being pumped into citi on a daily basis, isn't it just a matter of time before we get a pop?

    hell look at AIG