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  1. payup


    what happens to it from here? can it go lower or does it have nowhere to go from here but up?

    speak on this!
  2. Massive dilution or bankruptcy

    Either way it is going much lower
  3. payup


    There is no way that Citi will be allowed to fail, its the biggest bank in the world, what does everyone else think
  4. you sound like your trying to convince yourself to buy.
    Its being nationalized and the common will be dilluted out of existence in the process.
  5. TGregg


    Don't tell him that! We need bagho. . . errrr. . . optimists! Sure, it looks like a falling knife, but it's just about to turn around. Load the boat! All in if you want big gains. Geez, where's that raging bull stock3 or whatever his handle is when you need him?