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  1. Can it hold 30?
  2. No, I hope it rips through it to $29.00 and brings the DOW down another 30 points by close.
  3. Approaching 7.2% dividend yield...
  4. bgp


    give it some time it will be at 15.00, but 1st 25.00.

  5. C is pissing me off. I'd like to see heavy sell orders from institutions take it through $30 by the close.

    I expect a couple bouncebacks before they cut their dividend a little.

    Maybe they will be taken of the DOW?
  6. The div is worthless since the stock drops on the ex div date by the amount of the the dividend.
  7. Now...
  8. So those on the take covered at close and loaded up long to dump into tomorrow's gap up and spike?:D

    This might be like a CFC BAC deal...Let her run, shorts cover and re-short at $34-$35 by end of week?

    I may try to milk out some upside on this POS pre-market tomorrow.
  9. interest payments near $1 Billion p.a

    can that be good?
  10. sounds like the debt holders are lining up to take ownership...

    this is a disgrace...........
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