C vs. C++

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  1. Hi,

    I know this is a stupid question.

  2. C = thin layer above machine language so you dont have
    to type in op codes all day long in assembler :D

    C++ = horrific object extensions to C, making it the most
    cryptic, error prone, difficult to debug, popular object oriented
    language ever invented :D :D

    *IF* you are careful and disciplined, you can make good
    use out of C++ as an OO language.

    With C# now available, there is no way I would even
    consider C++ unless performance absolutely required it.


  3. word. i'm going to have to be doing some C/C++ shit soon for linux, so i was curious what the diff was...

    i've been working in C# only so on your advice i'll stick with it and first try mono for linux...

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    Depending on what you are doing, give Java a try too. The syntax is similar and it runs extremely well under Linux.
  5. What is chance of getting an OK job if one happens to manage to know both C and C++? Please tell me the most up-to-date situation. I am now looking for work out of trading and may have to get a training. C, C++, C#, Java, or all of the letters?
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    Lots of work out there, but the language knowledge is only a small part. PM me if you want with more specific info...
  7. What are the parts other than language knowledge? That sounds not like human language such as English which are about syntax and vocabulary to most normal usage.

    I have no specific information to ask because I don't know more than general questions for the moment. I will PM you when I have specific issues. Thanks. God bless you.

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    I just mean that most people are looking for someone who has alot more than just a firm grasp of the language syntax, or even basic usage. Most jobs out there that I see require you to know how to accomplish some particular type of task using that language, ie usage applied.
  9. Learn C# and Java and you will have plenty of work options.

    Well...at least until all the jobs go to india :D



  10. Agree.

    In other words, just learning the english language is not
    enough to write a great novel.



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