C target price by year end?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Sanaz3, May 9, 2010.

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    I was having a squabble with a friend about C as he holds it. He thinks since this stock had been way above $10 before the recession began, then it should go back up to at least $9-10 or even higher now that we are slowly getting "out" of recession.

    So is he being quite realistic or is he just out of his mind?
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    Should be back at $10 after tomorrows huge gigantic rally!!!

  3. Does your friend know about the little (biggest ever) secondary offer that C had not long ago. more shares mean less of the pie per share

    With MS selling off the Feds cut of the pie I think there is going to be some serious weight on this stock for a while. I am long but I wrote $5 sep calls against it as I wait out the feds selling.

    Not sure I will hold anyway as they seem to be losing all their traders and with it a large amounts of profits. Its not like writing mortgages to deadbeats (or poor victims of wall street greed and mortgage brokers if you like that better) are going to help with the top or bottom line for a while......

    If you can get it much under 3.90 its probably not the worst price and dump over $4.25 and repeat as you might be able to do over and over for the next few months. (those numbers are simply pulled out of the air but the concept is the same). If a stock is under $5 it usually is for a reason and that reason is usually not a good one.....
  4. if they do a reverse split, c will likely have downward pressure, otherwise it's not a risky bet at $3-4 range it is trading now (long term investment)
  5. 1) He's mostly out of his mind.
    2) $5/share and $10/share are "goofy" price levels because that is where some institutional investors can legally buy the stock. :eek: :cool:
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    full yr eps est .56c

    End of year target ~7-8$

    This could be way off, a pure guess and this is definitely not advice - so donot act on it in that manner. Always see financial advisers for decisions etc.
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    Citi used to price based on hit's very handsome earnings... now we know that those earnings came from unprofitable business practices, and we've seen huge writedowns and there will be more. It's not as simple as: it was at 10, it will be back to 10.
  8. so much new stock was issued since the crash there are now 28 billion shares of c outstanding. a $10 price would put it at a market cap of 280 billion. that is what it was at its best. do you think c is worth today what it was at its best?
  9. I think we see 7 by year's end, maybe early 2011.

    We won't hit 10 until the government is done unloading its shares.

    Citi will be a good trade here and there, but it will underperform other opportunities because of the government's position.
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    I also expect C to reach $7and not higher by year end/early 2011.
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