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  1. Hey everyone new to the board, just wanted to say hello before I post with my question.

    I want to program a trading style in C++ (automated trading). But here is my problem are there any trading platforms which will allow me to dump a C++ program into there software?? If so which one's. If not are there any platforms which will allow the user to use any computer code like Delphi or VB??
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    On the retail side, both CyberTrader and Interactive Brokers have C++ interfaces to their trading platforms. There may be (and most likely are) a few others.
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    Is there an echo in here?
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    you can place your code in DLL and use it in TradeStation or any other program that can call DLL
  6. Thansk alot for the fast response. Aright if you guys recommend those two are they the best? I want ot do this right. Looking for a platform which is very fast and very accurate.
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    Terra Nova Institutional has developed an application to enter orders from the Excel link in RealTick. The following link should be a great place to start, http://www.terranovainstitutional.com/download/tntinstitutional.zip. Start off by reading the two word documents from the link and then you can view a sample Order Entry interface. If you need more assistance or would like more information, please let me know and I will have one my associates become available for assistance.


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  8. Mike,

    Do you know if this application is accessible to TNO-MB clients. The documents say that scripting is required, is this a TAL option or a broker specific option.

  9. I believe that you have to be permissioned. You must request this from your broker. I also believe that there is some application testing that must be done before Townsend willl let you go live with your own app. I think they want you to trade it on the TALX (demo) route for a while.

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