C++ platformindependent Charting

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Karl Blau, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I am programming a Trading Program. The programm will be written in C++ and platformindependent. I use QT4 for GUI.

    Is there a open source project that can screen charts, indicators and can easily be used by own programs?

    For the moment I am more interested in programming functionality. But charting is necessary because you often can SEE programming mistakes on the chart. That's why I look for a charting tool.

    I haven't found such a tool on the internet. I googled, I searched SourceForge.net...

  2. I have not found any such library which is one of the reasons I'm using Java and jfreechart http://www.jfree.org

    To my knowledge this is this best free library for financial/stock charts. Porting portions of jfreechart to C++ would be feasible and almost certianly easier than starting from scratch though still a significant amount of work.
  3. Can you show me an example code how a chart is created by a c++ program using jfreechart?

    Just to see how implementation will look like.

    Thanks, Karl
  4. There are converters to port it automatically to C#. The big question then becomes: how easy to go from C# to C++?

  5. No idea if this is possible. I don't know C#.
  6. cmaxb


    There used to be something maintained on Sourceforge a few years back. Can't remember the name. I think they were connecting to myTrack.