C++ open-source trading code (a la TradeLink)?

Discussion in 'App Development' started by abattia, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Is there any open source C++ trading code out there?

    I am thinking of something in the vein of say TradeLink (C#) ...

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    does tradelink have a website?
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    @abattia what are you going to do exactly?
    I'm going to do my own framework to creating, testing and optimizing EA in C++.
    Maybe we should work together? ;-)
    What's your level in C++? What tools are you going to use? Tell me more about your intentions.
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  5. @Kowi Thanks for your message.

    In the past, I found areas of TradeLink code very useful in C# quant development projects I was working on.

    Presently I have new projects underway in C++ (and Java 8, too), and so I wondered whether there exist similar open source resources, so that - again - I won't not have to re-invent the wheel...

    C++, I am learning (though I have used it daily and intensely in a quant dev project over the last 4 months).

    If you start up a open source C++ project (on CloudForge, GitHub, whatever...) I may well be able to contribute, but cannot commit to that at this stage ...
  6. Thanks!
  7. Thank you StarGrazer. Where to start to participate and use your open source code?
  8. I will put together a 'Getting Started' guide with a few demo screen shots which might help a bit. Am travelling for another week, so hopefully within two to three weeks I will have put something together.
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