C.O.T. report

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Daseer, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Daseer


    I just looked at the report but correct me if I'm wrong. It looks like the large traders or so-called trend-followers are short crude oil. Is it correct?
  2. usman88


    it seems like
  3. rosy2


    thats not what i see.
  4. they are long crude. the small specs are short. all in all its a bullish sign.
  5. Daseer


    In that report, there are three categories. What I want to know is where the large traders are positioned. There are positions for the specs and commercials. Is the large traders part of that picture?

  6. The three catagories are the big specs (funds), commercials (cheveron/texico, exxon mobil, etc) and the small specs (guys like you and me).

    The big specs are the guys you want to pay attention to.

    The commercials are almost always opposite the funds. They have their time and place but you mostly want to stay with the funds.

    Small specs are the idiots. They are almost always wrong.