C moment of truth

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  1. right here folks $25 bones
  2. :(
  3. It's ready to cut through $25 like butter and then bounce.
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    C at 25, who would have thought, might be saying that when its under $20.

  5. I said that about CFC and WM. But C a teen or single digit stock blue chip...doubt it....

    That Prince Alaweed has to be pretty pissed. But whats another few billion to him, pocket change.
  6. dsq


    i bot 300 at 25 15 sold at 25 08.... its a pos...i thought it would bounce nice in lo 25 but went to 2480 no prob...thought i could catch the knife-hah!

    who knows with mbi mess the banks may be headed for another nice selloff wave...21 for c???dunno...i ll stick to t,vz for now
  7. almost seems like the bag holders are getting sorted out

    and C has the biggest pile of pooh to deal with
  8. Rumor is GS made Billions by shorting client accounts when they refused to cut position when asked to do so.

    GS stands to make Billions because it's the official "R" position
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    my av. is 24.42

  10. The question you must answer is do you think value investors see value at its current valuation. If the answer is yes - then you should be buying.

    If you are buying it as a trade - bad move.

    If you are buying it as an investment - maybe not a bad move.

    The jan 2010 strike $30 calls don't think too bad at ~$3.00.
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