C- Is this gonna end Credit Crisis

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  1. Can they post a decent loss <20B for this quarter and forecast future is good?
  2. Yes, don't forget the ARABS who invested a lot in C. They gonna want a ROI. As the saying goes It's too big to fail!!

    it must be propped up.

    otherwise...Outrage!!! LMAO.



  3. Holy shit that was funny.

    I'm going to sleep now. ha ha ha ha

    Good one.
  4. Is that the same guy in both pics? Man he looks pissed...
  5. He probably invested in US financials half year ago...
  6. Dont they all look the same :D
  7. What time are they posting results?
  8. Adobian


    They say the same thing about you and your milkman.
  9. maybe the real question is...

    will the credit crisis end C?
  10. maxpi


    Stay tuned for the rest of the drama "whos' smarter, consumers that don't give a rip about their credit rating or Citi's highly qualified [LOL] staff"......
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