C is in trouble

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  1. C is now advertising heavily for 4.00% CDs.

    IndyMac and WM both offered high CD rates before they kicked the bucket...
  2. Daal


    Treasury will go bankrupt before C goes

  3. Read the "fine print". Those CD's only pay interest. You don't ever get your principal back. :cool:
  4. Are you serious? I was thinking about loading up a CD account, glad I didn't.
  5. local banks all have 3.75 to 4.0 for 6 to 12 months
  6. BofA is offering 4% for new money. They all are doing it to attract deposits. But I do agree C is in trouble.
  7. Capital one is offering 7 year 5.5
  8. I locked in WAMU's 5% for 13 months for a nice sum before AND after JP morgan took them
  9. Same here. Then about a week later they dropped to 3%

    Can JPM change the terms on us mid-term? I read somewhere that bank takeovers can change CD terms, but I'm not so sure.
  10. valley national one of the strong banks is offering 4.5%.

    give it a rest i think citi is ok

    A)FDIC gave them Wachovia. So the FDIC thinks they are ok to aspob the 50 billion in losses that may happen.

    B) GS begged C to buy them in september

    I think they are fine
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