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Discussion in 'Trading' started by fatman, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. fatman


    is citigroup exdividend today?
  2. range


    see: http://www.citi.com/citigroup/fin/div.htm

    Ex-Date Record Date Pay-Date Amount (1)
    29-Jan-04 02-Feb-04 27-Feb-04 $0.4000
    30-Oct-03 03-Nov-03 26-Nov-03 $0.3500
    31-Jul-03 04-Aug-03 22-Aug-03 $0.3500
    01-May-03 05-May-03 23-May-03 $0.2000
    30-Jan-03 03-Feb-03 28-Feb-03 $0.2000
    31-Oct-02 04-Nov-02 22-Nov-02 $0.1800
  3. fatman


    Is that a yes?
  4. C went ex-dividend on January 29. That is, if you owned the stock at end of day on January 28, you will receive the $0.40/share dividend. If you bought it on January 29, you will not receive this dividend.