C earning negative EPS yet want to get out of TARP?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Wait, they want to sell 20 billion in equity to repay TARP but C is still losing money.

    So how does this makes sense?
  2. It makes no sense , that's how fucked up this country is. The want to repay back cause they can steal more from shareholders.
  3. They want to pay back TARP so they can pay out unlimited bonus's.
  4. Government needs to say firmly love it or leave it.Replace the Indian Guy,he s been a trouble for years. I don't believe it,stock is 4dollars,bank is losing money, and they want to get higher bonuses.
  5. That is exactly what they want. Why would anyone do a secondary offering when C is trading at this price.

    They are gonna dilute shareholders so they can get one big bonus check before common gets wiped out when C ends up becoming insolvent.
  6. I swear this is plain disgusting. American dream my ass!!!!!! This
    system is created to fuck ordinary people up , that's why the Government controls arms trade , gambling , alcohol , but they love to have you as a stock market participant .
  7. ====================
    Well, mr King;
    makes sense on 2 counts.

    [1 C] Trend is still down
    [2 C]While the US military is quite good @ what they do;
    lot of federal regs on local banks,the extra TARP federal regs on a big sinking whale like C must be a real killer:cool: