C# Developer with experience in multiple trading APIs

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  1. Tradeae



    I am looking for a C# developer highly proficient in Automated Trading Systems development. The emphasis here is NOT on trading strategy development but development of the execution platform.

    Interested and experienced developers should send a PM with details of their experience, terms of hire, current availability. Finally, be sure to list all trading APIs you are experienced in and detail level of experience in each API.

    Thank you.
  2. Tradeae



    I'm still looking for an experienced C#/.NET developer to work on an automated trading system (ATS).

    Experienced developers who are interested, please send me a PM.

    Thank you.
  3. gmst


    Will be helpful if you can give slightly more background information. Who are you, who do you represent. Where are you based? Are you an individual or a small firm? What are the features you are planning to implement in your platform? How long you envisage the contract life to be? Can the developer work remote ?

    What kind of trading frequency you are targeting? Which asset classes? Which brokers etc.?

    Just giving a bit more information makes it more real. Thanks.
  4. Tradeae


    Interested developers can send me a PM so both developer and client can determine the "realness" of the other side.
  5. mhatmaker



    I definitely meet the (rather vague, but no worries there) requirements that you posted. I am versed in a variety of trading APIs and even worked at a major futures software firm for several years.

    Right now, I am working independently (on a consulting basis) on software projects. One of the projects which is about to go into beta is a platform for automated trading, so perhaps some aspects of that would interest you. If not, I am more than willing to discuss your needs for consulting work.

    I have trading experience (equity options, futures and options on futures) both on-floor and off-floor. I worked designing the initial stages of an automated trading platform for one of the major Chicago exchanges. And I am versed in a variety of trading APIs.

    As I mentioned in the post title, I am unable to contact you via email, but if you contact me, I will be more than happy to supply you with my information.
  6. Hi,

    I can program your application in C# with Tradelink opensource. I trade my own algo at a prop firm. Contact me to discuss,