C# Developer Wanting To Learn Trading Strategy Development.

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by chrisparity, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. I am an experienced low latency automated trader looking for a good C# developer who wants to learn trading strategy development.

    I do not have the time to code as well as raising capital. Looking for an experienced C# Developer wanting to break into quantitative strategy trading but does not have any experience in this area.

    You will be building a pairs trading quantitative strategy using a state of the art institutional vendor platform.

    This will not be a paid (later compensation possible). In return you will learn about the reality of building a trading system, how market microstructure really works and have an entry (and reference) for your resume.

    Your physical location is not important.

    You should have a basic knowledge of the US equity markets (eg. what is the Bid and Ask) and be very comfortable with multi-threaded event driven coding.

    Please PM if you are interested and include some information about yourself.
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    who are you? resume?
  3. Institutional 10+ years experience and working with both sell and buy side. In other words I know what I am doing.

    Why am I posting this on ET ? Because over the years I have observed there are some surprisingly knowledgeable people here and I am guessing there are some software developer lurkers out there who could do with some real experience.
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    More specifically, what would someone expect to learn under your guidance?
  5. Hi Chris,

    I am C# developer and trader in Indian Markets. Please let me know your Email Address. Will send you my resume. Thanks.

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    Good luck finding a truly experienced developer to work for free. You get what you pay for.
  7. Forums are always interesting because there is the full range of humanity reading and responding to what you post.

    So to answer a few of the comments above:

    1. What will I learn ? If you are a software developer with no institutional trading experience (prop shop does not count...though you do learn a lot about the markets), this is a good opportunity to learn. While you will have the programming knowledge, you will not have the experience of developing low latency system trading 100s of stocks concurrently in size. Then there are all the issues of how to get the best executions and switching between Passive/Aggressive and other modes based on the market changes.

    2. You will not get anyone. I already have 9 replies from lurkers to large contributors on this site.

    3. I am trolling. Either for resumes because I am a headhunter or to stir things up. Neither of these is true...I am buyside institutional automated trader.

    Happy Holidays.
  8. Sounds interesting, but I'm not quite sure how you expect to find volunteer labor. Is this for trading in a charity account, or do you plan to earn money?

    If you actually work in the industry, you must be aware of the level of expertise you require. I have never known someone who really understands multi-threaded coding to work for less than $150k. And they are never looking for work, work looks for them.
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    I have been developing trading systems/tools in C++ for many years and I'm currently taking some C# classes. What I'd suggest is you do the same. Look up your local community college and see if they offer C#. Not all do. Many of them are stuck on C++. There's nothing like independence, not having to rely on another person to get things done for you.

  10. I must be missing something. The OP posted a straight up barter offer ... and for all I know one that might take a guy from six figure coding to a seven figure (or more) trading career.

    I though there were traders here. The OP has put out an offer. Either it gets lifted or it doesn't. What business is it of those not interested?
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