C++ Developer, City based trading group

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    C++ Developer, City based trading group.

    Katla Trading is a proprietary trading group based within the City, London.

    Graduate C++/C# Developer required. You will work closely with our head-trader and senior C++ developer to implement robust, high-performance real-time trading systems targeting various asset classes.

    This is a unique role where you will learn the latest technology driving the financial markets, and also be exposed to trading and supervising partially automated trading systems.

    The ideal candidate should be highly motivated graduate, with a computer science or mathematical background. No previous financial experience is required, however a keen interest in trading and finance would be advantageous.

    Skills required:

    Good C++ development skills, with exposure to STL, Boost, Win32 API.
    Good C# development skills, with exposure to WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET.
    Good SQL skills, using MSSQL Server 20056 or similar.
    Good mathematical and statistics knowledge.
    Solid understanding of code optimization techniques, profiling, software latency issues and multithreaded programming.

    Location: City, London
    Experience: 0 to 2 years commercial
    Salary: 25k – 30k per annum (negotiable, for candidates with good market experience)
    Job Type: Permanent

    Any applicants will be required to be European Union residents and/or already have the necessary permits to work within the United Kingdom.

    Please send your C.V to:

    (remove the _removethis_ prefix from email address)