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  1. Hallo Every Trader,

    I am a financial engineering and has tried to start my own trading. I love c# and designed a software based on that to help my self to check market and deploy automatic trading strategies. The thing I have done:

    1. Based on ActiveX API provided by Interactive Brokers known as a kind broker to provide consistent service. I use c# because it is easy to have some usable UI quickly and I could learn more support from anywhere on Internet. Totally abandoned any opensource, sorry.

    2. Try to develop a strategy on Forex and plan to deploy it as an automatic one on my software which will be installed on a seperate software dedicated for trading or on Amazon EC2.

    3. Please tell me any suggestion or recommendation on my plan:)

    4. Plan to develop strategies by using SAS data miner and Rapid-i because of its easy to use and lot of data manipulation and modelling tools.

    Thanks lot!




  2. What charting control did you use in your program? It looks nice.
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    yes, i have the same question, what chart component in C#
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    looks pretty good,not sure what it does,besides showing various info. also interested in chart control.
    LeeD-Thank you for link!
  6. Hallo, Bob 111,

    Thanks for your encouragement.

    You are right. It currently only helps me to read the chart and go to some finance websites I used to visit quickly. However, you may notice that I have simulation, live trading and report Tag above as well and I am building stategies now on forex pair. Please wait for my update through this thread.

    You like the chart-control? It is a visual studio package called DEVEXPRESS which is commercial and I am lucky to have.
  7. Devexpress as I answered:) THanks for asking
  8. Devexpress as I told Bob~~~:)
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    It's really easy to create such graphic i WPF, no need for 3rd parties imho.
    And the best thing... you get exactly what you need :D

    I can recommend http://www.apress.com/9781430224815 , very good book and after I read the interesting chapters for me it was very easy to understand the simplicity in charting.
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