c# Automated Trading Software created by myself

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  1. Hello, Trading Gurus:)

    I have been always trying to create my own trading software. I have a IB account and IB has good reputation to provide consistent API. The software below is based on the ActiveX provided by IB which has been imported into Visual Studio 2010. At the beginning, it is little bit hard since there are not many guys to use c# as their primary language to communicate with IB which also does not provide anything related to c#, although it has c++, java and excel example.

    Current Achievement:

    1. Full implementation of IB API method and event for communication. Now I could retrieve data and use them. For later on, I could totally focus on backtesting and deployment of potential winning strategy in c#.

    2. Current plan is to automaticly trade Forex:)

    3. UI almost finished. kind of ribbon style.

    4. I will follow this post to post my trading records later.

    5. Plan to backtest the strategy using SAS data miner or Rapid-i software.

    Thanks lot and welcome for any criticism and suggestion for my plan.





  2. Nice job .. Now for the trading strategy ? :)

  3. Yeah!! Definitely, I just like the ribbon style and designed this for my trading strategy later. Now I am working on some Forex Trading Strategy~~~~