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  1. Anyone getting into C at this level prior to earnings for the long term?

    Massive call buying now…common stock to follow

    Put to Call ratio low meaning more calls - Bullish

    Increasing dividend could generate buying.

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    From which standpoint does more calls equal bullish?

    Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

    Options themselves don't have an effect on the price of the stock, so options that are not exercised can be discounted.

    Options that will be exercised will affect prices, at least in the short term. In this case, buyers of calls who will exercise will do what with their stock? Sell.

    Not an expert in options here, but at least that's what it looks like to me, so maybe someone more experienced with them can chime in.
  3. Sounds like your mind is all ready made up. Do you have a trading plan, if not get one and don't worry about what others think.
  4. I was long at 3.97, and just bough more today at the highs. If we could get the movement that we had from october and november of 2008 I'd be happy :)
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    One thing is certain, when the govt unwinds its position, C will skyrocket. Or did it already? I haven't been following the stock market lately.

    Buy 2012 10$ calls if there are any.
  6. When do they plan to sell all their shares? Earnings for C are on the 19th .
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  8. if c hits 10 it will have an all time high market cap. there are 28 billion shares out. why would c match its all time high market cap with the problems it has?
    i am long some c but i think 10 is a dream.
  9. if you buy 10 dollar calls, then you think that C will actually be higher than 10 by 2012..what month?... Why not just buy 100 share blocks with 1.00 stops? Build a big position over time, thats what I'm probably going to do, I already own half my intended total size.
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    Free Thinker, DAMN! You registered here when I was 10 years old! Respect! :D

    I think 5 years ago no one would have guessed that govt would start bailing out the largest global banks. Ever since that happened, and with the printing press running, I say anything is fair game until we start seeing some sound monetary policies.

    C doesn't have to trade higher than 10 for that call to go up tenfold. Not unless you want to exercise it instead of selling it.
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