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  1. For anyone interested in an alternative to screen scraping, I have attached VB.NET and C# example projects for use with <a href="http://www.freemarketdata.net">FreeMarketData.net</a>. This is a free end-of-day data service that lets you retrieve historic data, intraday quotes, and fundamentals for stocks on the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, and also Forex and indices. You can also export the data to TradeStation, MetaStock, etc. A free account lets you download up to 20MB of free data per day.

  2. Well.. I thought I attached it. Trying again...
  3. Looks good Richard. I'll check it out.

    You sure are making the rounds on ET!

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    Downloading data from Yahoo! Finance isn't strictly screen-scraping. It's pretty much a REST web service. The data is in CSV format. There is no HTML parsing.
  4. What can I say... I enjoy making my rounds on ET :)

    Yahoo! has improved some things, that's for sure. It used to be a lot more difficult.
  5. do you have any ruby code?
  6. I think you can call a web service from Ruby but I don't have an example. Perl maybe. I know of someone who programs in Ruby but that's about it :)
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    First let me say ... thank you for posting this information about FreeMarketData.net. I went and downloaded the tool and the API code examples this evening.

    I see in the tool that there are fields for fundamental data on stocks, all which are currently set to zero (P/E, etc.). Are there plans to offer more complete fundamental data in the future?


    - Greg

    P.S. - Please let me also say that our software development team has used Modulus FE products in the past and they are excellent. It is great to see you backing the FreeMarketData.net effort.
  8. TraderMojo.. thanks, will update the reference.

    A small group of symbols are missing fundamental data but its being worked on.. its a work in progress. Also planning to add free commodities data in the next couple of months.