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    i am debating on pulling the trigger on this stock since their earnings are coming out Thursday morning 8am et. What does everyone feel about this stock? JPM is reporting tomorrow morning and the stock is kicking after hours! Cash for Clunkers must have boost financial s this quarter
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    If you enjoy gambling, pull the trigger by placing your bet on red or black.

    If you're a trader, pull the trigger after earnings are reported and the price action posts a sign that tells you which direction to proceed.
  3. Its the year end the stock is down since Jan 2009. If they close above 8 they look good by january. Its over 5 then it up 20% per week until year over year it looks like a winner.

    If it hits 5.50 it gone. I like it down here. Also liked it at 1 2 3 4 and now 5.
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    C is going back to 50 just like GS is back at 190 and JPM is back at 47.

    Its citigroup the best stock money can buy.

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    C is garbage IMO.
  6. C put in a bouble bottom at about $4 yesterday. C dropped quite a bit from $5 in not so many days. $4.59 is ma-50, good profit from here to there.
  7. there is a possibility that it can hit 2.50 or trade below 3.00
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  8. I agree with cyber's call. However, if you really want to make more money. I suggest buying call options on stocks that have cost more. For example JPM. It has more purchasing value to volatility.

    That's just my personal opinion. Jumping onto Wells Fargo or Bank of America could work as well for the short term.

    Remember we're going back into a channel. So don't expect a major break at a resistance level until next quarters earning reports and the holiday season comes around.

    You take care. :cool:
  9. In the next century, maybe ? :)
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