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    I am seeking a good technical analysis (charting, scanning) package. I have downloaded and spent one day with the subject software and it seems quite capable. Was wondering if other members have, or had, experience with "Byte Into The Market", from Tarnsoft allows a 30 day free trial with a full-blown, unlimited installation.
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    BYTE into the market might be fine, I tried it once I think. I did not like the proprietary user interface.

    You might consider RavenQuote with eSignal, AIQ RealTime [which I like very much for rule based programming].
    I do not see what is wrong with WindowOnWallStreet, I used it and was OK [I did leave them because you can not program sophisticated alerts and systems].

    I guess each trader needs different things. There is hardly another way than try them out and stick with what feels right for you.

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    I don't mean to be knocking WOW. Heck! Look at the following at Datek Online, ScottTrade, e-Trade, AmeriTrade, and others! You"re absolutely right when you say WOW is OK. Personally, I found it to be childs play when contrasted with DBC's e-signal. Both services are identically priced and I, personally, cannot see how one can justify the limited bang-for-the-buck as compared to e-signal. WOW probably served your needs....I just can't see spending equivilent monies on a product having much less potential. I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. It all depends on your needs and thoughts of expansion, if any.
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    well, you noticed my first choice is RavenQuote with eSignal. I find eSignal very good data feed. The best for the price so far and I tried several indeed.
    Charting with eSignal is ridiculous, so you want to give the feed to a real charting program [that's extra bucks].

    And anyway, I am now using AIQ and wish the best to the others. See you on the other side.
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    tntneo. I see you have spent some time at Trendfund! By the way! I didn't mean to imply that e-signal is a charting program at is tracking platform. If you want programmable charting features, RavenQuote and EnsignWindows are about the best I have found.
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    tntneo: what's wrong with e.signal charting? guess I'm too dumb to see why they are not good. I only use 1 and 2 minute charts, so would appreciate your thoughts on improving my charting. you could reply via my e-mail if you wish. Thanks much.
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    Has RavenQuote integrated with eSignal yet? Once they do there will probably be a mass migration from Qcharts to RavenQuote.
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    Not to make a big deal out of it...
    I like very much eSignal data feed, specially considering the price. There are better feeds out there but they cost more too.

    Regarding eSignal's charting, well.. to be fair eSignal does not pretend to be a charting application, they offer charts, that's not the same.
    For instance eSignal 5.0 [I do not know eSignal 6.0 and if they improved a lot] forces you to track the chart to the right. Qcharts and all the others I know do this automatically, always showing you the last bar at the right of the screen.

    It is not possible to adapt drawings and alerts on a sophisticated basis [like RavenQuote, AIQ, StockWatchPro...].
    You might miss a lot depending on your trading style.

    Again, consider this is not a criticism to eSignal and DBC. They always made sure you can access eSignal data in your specialized charting application [so they acknowledge our point] and their feed is good.

    Just go to the to see what kind of powerful charting is possible nowadays. It is more 'decision support and analysis' than simple charting.
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    tntneo! What data feed are you using for AIQ. To what package of AIQ are you subscribing? In your opinion, what is the best charting package (reasonable priced) for both intraday and EOD trading and analysis?
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    A charting program is something personal I think. However there are some very basic things and very important too which MUST be considered.

    - data feed reliability.
    QCharts is one of the good charting, and RavenQuote is much better but they both use the QFeed technology. This data feed is a total disaster. It is lagging the market and very often does not even work !
    So the data feed must be reliable and you must be able to trust the data you see is reasonably tracking the market.

    - indicators must be fully customizable.

    - and price reasonable of course.

    You might want interesting extras like DDE connection so you can use Excel or other programs and manipulate the quotes.

    But the real killer is this :

    - Advanced programming
    People trading against you [there are on the other side] other have very powerful software, formulas or trading system assistant. I know I do.
    And that makes a great deal of a difference. Ravenquote is a very good example of that, with your own formulas or plug in you buy for it.

    I use AIQ which is working slightly in a different way.
    The idea with AIQ is to explain precisely your trading system to the software. But unlike TradeStation or RavenQuote [or others] you define each rule really separately. However, rules may refer to each other. And the artificial intelligence engine is capable of checking all YOUR trading rules at each quote and give you precise alert information [it can even talk depending on the alert you setup].

    So it is more than a trading system with AIQ, you really try to explain and teach the software your ideal way of trading [or someone succesful way of trading]. It does not trade for you so you still have to work out a lot the psychology etc.. But at least, you can rest assured ALL your rules are checked and an objective opinion is given.

    Because it is rule based, you can define easily exceptions in such a system. In other systems you can do it too, but it ends up in complicated programming. With AIQ, once you understand the way to describe things, it is much easier than other programs.

    But again, maybe it is just because it suits me. Maybe you will prefer something else.

    AIQ uses the dial/data, mytrack data feed. The data feed is $79 including AIQ EOD and Realtime. Extra options available for more money.
    It is a good quality feed, very reliable and timely. I don't use Level II so I won't judge that way of using it. But level I real time is good. But the real value is in the analysis platform, that's for sure.

    For my kind of Day Trading this is perfect [I mostly trade the index]. Other types of day traders might miss some things but I can't talk for them.
    For EOD, core and swing trading, AIQ is the best I know. It can scan, test strategies on the entire market, you can create indices and benchmark, basket of stocks etc...
    Obviously this is a software for institutions-like core trading and anyone swing trading.
    But that's the nice thing with AIQ, it is very flexible, you can do many types of trading as long as it is trading ! :)

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