Bystanders Shot at Empire State Building Were Hit by Police

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brass, Aug 25, 2012.

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    Here in the US nationwide 11% of police shootings involve innocent bystanders getting shot by mistake. During shootings by "ordinary citizens" only 2% of shootings involve innocent bystanders getting hit unintentionally.

    Either "ordinary citizens" here in the US are BETTER trained than police or training has little if anything to do with the issue.

    Truth is most "ordinary citizens" train/practice more often than most law enforcement officers. Another potential explanation of the disparity is that generally speaking LEO's tend to get a pass after shooting bystanders. Whereas "ordinary citizens" are frequently prosecuted after such mistakes. In fact they're often prosecuted even if no bystanders were hit AND the shooting was completely legal and justified. That alone is enough to make an "ordinary citizen" make god damn sure of his targets background before firing.

    Now being a bleeding heart girly man liberal in touch with his feelings.
    How does it feel to have just been completely eviscerated by facts you not only can't dispute but that make your assertion about supposedly untrained "ordinary citizens" not needing more firearms look utterly ridiculous?
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    In your defense most other anti gun leftists don't know much either. Would you try to tell a brain surgeon how to operate? I wouldn't, I don't know anything about it. Why would I?
    IF most or all of police shootings occurred in crowded city streets AND most or all of armed citizen shootings occurred everywhere BUT crowded city streets you might have had a point there. I could see where it MIGHT even account for some of the disparity. But police shooting the wrong people more that FIVE times as often? I don't think so.
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    Yes IF. Not all police shooting occur in crowded city streets.
  7. Yes...lets be like England, take away the guns from police, give them a stupid hat and call them bobbies. That should garner some respect for the law!


    Then take away their fast & strong crown victorias and give them these little fuel efficient cars. Warning though...if you are being held at gunpoint and manage to call 911, it might takes police 30 minutes to reach you (if they are 5 miles away) and then they can only protect you from the gunmen with their billy clubs.

  8. Semi-auto handgun. He was hiding it in a shopping bag. Hiding a shotgun might have been more difficult, especially in NYC. Lots of suspicious eyes there these days.
  9. You are a fricken loon. secret service carries uzi's (or did) in unremarkable briefcases.

    FYI: Shotguns come in amazingly short legal lengths, (when was the last time you were to a gun show for me it's been less than 60 days).

    Yeah people are gonna notice in NY, aliens from planet uranus would not be noticed in public :D :D
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    You can easily hide a sawed off shotgun in a shopping bag, moron. You can also hide enough explosive to kill dozens.

    Obviously Mayor Bloomberg needs to ban shopping bags. That IS how you anti gun loons think isn't it?
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