Bypassing Windows XP with .NET Welcome Screen

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by mokwit, Jul 10, 2006.

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    My heart sank when I installed .NET framework and saw it had added the necessity to press to log on and now my worst nightmare has come true. If I try to log in to my PC it immediately logs off me back off.

    So, How do I get back into my PC?

    The problem followed me cleaning system32/userinit with BitDefender rootkit following browser problems and a Exploit.Bytverify being found on my PC - no idea where that could have come from on my trading PC. My guess is that it is a malicious trick by this trojan if it is tampered with. If anyone has the address of the writer of this please forward.............

    Have tried Last Known Good, start in safe mode, even tried a WinXP2 CD in the CD drive thinking upgrading may bypass it.

    The irony is I no longer use the software that I installed this stupid SLOW .NET framework for and no longer consider installing anything that uses it as it clearly unable to cope with trading. Both apps that used it (Ninja trader and Marketdelta) hanged regularly in a fast moving market.

    I have backup(s) but this is a last resort and would prefer to be able to get past this STUPID log on added by MS as an add on to .NET framework against my wishes. I can't get in to overwrite the userinit file or entire Win directory. Great idea that logon screen Bill............

    Moral of the story is don't install this or programs written for it.
  2. I understand your frustration, but I doubt it's a .NET problem. It's much easier to troubleshoot this stuff if you don't get stuck in believing what it is before you find the truth.

    I suggest booting from an XP disc and going into recovery console. Just follow the instructions on the screen and it may repair itself. Good luck.
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    For reasons I don't understand a known bootable CD is not booting, it is just bypassing it. Suspect this is a separate issue/something I am not dong.

    Anyone know if there is there any way to go back further into a Last known Good Menu further in the past.. I suspect because everything is loaded behind the screen and pressing to enter is the last move it regards this as a 'Good" start and as I rebooted a couple of times it may have captured the first "bad" startup as a "good" need one from a couple of days ago if stored.
  4. Bios boot order perhaps ? Ensure the CD is before HDD in the bios boot order.
  5. As I have completely switched over from windoz to linux for about 2 years now, I don't have to wade through this recurrent sh*t anymore.

    Not that I don't have some problems once in a while, but I can get those solved without too much of a hassle.

    Never managed to do this with windoz. A hige load of new ones came up with every new release.

    .NET lovers, Hasta La VISTA. :D
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    dcraig - yep that was exactly it. Thanks

    Bundlemaker. Thanks that would have done it if my DOS skills werent 6 years rusty. Could copy over as userinit.ex_ but could not remember how to decompress to exe. Decided at this point it would be better to swap to the the BU HDD and just update a few programs and folders.

    Points to watch:
    "Disinfect" and "Delete" are use interchangeably by Bitdefender, hence my issue. Also watch out as default is "delete" file.

    The virus got in coz i used MS Virtual Machine from a broker website to solve a java conflict and in doing so replaced my secure 3810 with unsecure 3805.
  7. Indeed. I recently had the pleasure of installing Ubuntu Linux (or more correctly Kubuntu) on a Dell laptop. Inserted live/installation CD, booted the machine from CD - checked for correct video resolution, wireless PCMCIA card working etc. Clicked the install icon and answered the questions about time, time zone, username etc. Left it alone for a bit to install. Rebooted off HD. Everything just worked - no fiddling with video resolution, wireless network. etc. Easier than installing XP.

    This machine belongs to an elderly relative who sadly is a stroke victim. It must be as simple as possible to use. XP was always causing problems - wireless driver popping up gratuitous windows, XP "your computer is at risk" blah blah, Norton antivirus that cannot be uninstalled properly, a secondary screen that could never be configured reliably - after every suspend/resume settings disappeared and various other bits of crappy software popping up unwanted windows. It is now dead simple - desktop with firefox, thunderbird and open office icons and nothing else and importantly no unwanted popups. Windows easy to install and use ? Not in this case.
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    If you have 'system restore' turned on, then you can go backwards to 'last good configuration'.
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    Thanks iagree, but could not get past welcome screen and did not know how to go back to a previous last known good/system restore from DOS repair console. If I had, what you suggested would have worked if userinit.exe is a file saved by last known good/system restore
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    Try booting into BIOS or system setup. There might be a 'last known system configureation' in there.
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