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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but, is there a way to bypass a screensaver password for XP without causing too much disturbance like shutting the system down? The screensaver is on with password protection and the CDRom autoplay is disabled. Normally when entering password of the XP screensaver, the wallpaper comes back in the background. If occasionally you don't get the wallpaper but only the password popup against some background color, is that a sign that the system has been tampered?
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    If I am waking up my computer from sleep, I get the password screen without my background. If I wake it up after the screen saver activates I get the password box over my background picture.

    Screen Saver - background, sleep - no background.
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    That's it? I felt much better until I checked the power options setting on my laptop. It never goes standby, hibernation is disabled, hard disk is never turned off. The monitor is set to turn off after 5 mins which happens all the time. So I still don't see why occasionally no wallpaper shows up. (The screensaver is set to go on after 1 min so it will always be before the monitor is off.) Is there another hidden setting for the laptop to go 'sleep' mode?
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    I asked a friend of mine that knows more than I. He told me that it is random. He has found no logic in it. Sometimes there is a background, sometimes there is not.

    If it really bothers you, buy a mac :)
  5. to check tampering then enable some logging it in "administrative tools" => "local security policy" => "audit policy" and view the results in "administrative tools" => "event viewer".

    Backgrounds can be changed by downloading the free MS tool "powertoys" => "TweakUI". You should see the confusion when people want to log on and get a XP login screen on a Windows ME background! :)

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