ByLoSellHi started 97 pro lib threads.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Holy shit!

    Dude, get a life.

  2. And you took the time to count them, while pressing your claim?

    You're a real braniac.
  3. Thats right, it took 15 seconds. You can sort by thread starter. lol.
  4. Well, thanks for taking that special level of interest in me, but I'm straight.
  5. straight caarraazy!
  6. ByLo is clearly a disciple of the ZZzzztroll and is trying to outdo its master.
  7. All libs are a bit on the looney side. Born that way.
  8. LMAO,

    there are at least as many "conservative" and "right-wing" political threads started as "liberal" threads.
    Too little libertarian input IMO - but they are marginalized in the US anyway.
    Some of you are probably in favour of teaching your "party politics" to infants and kids in kindergarten.
    You totalitarian wack-heads...

    Trying to gang up does not make you "win" anything, or maybe you can win a nice diploma at your next party meeting.