ByLoSellHi exceeds 11K posts but no market decline

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lucrum, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Lucrum


    Atlanta, GA October 20, 2009

    Story by ET member Lucrum

    ByLoSellHi, a well know and prolific ET contributor, celebrated his eleven thousandth post today. A date which will surely live in infamy. Much to his dismay the equity markets refuse to go lower. This despite posting literally hundreds of cut and past articles describing both current and predicting future economic malaise. It's almost as if - it somehow just doesn't matter. Poor guy, short from who knows how low and the market just keeps shrugging off the "fundamentals", also known as fundagenitials. One thing's for sure though, the markets do fluctuate so sooner or maybe later he will be...huh...right. Endeavor to persevere ByLoSellHi, you can't be wrong for ever.
  2. TheMan




    :D :D
  3. clacy


    :D GREEN SHIT!!!! :D

    Once I don't see these permabears posting this phrase along with their cut & paste articles once an hour, I'll know it's time to get out.
  4. The guy reads alot. I wonder how many articles he reads and doesn't post. :cool:
  5. AyeYo


    I like him, but I lol'd pretty good.
  6. Dear Shit for Brains,

    BLSH had one of the epic posts of all time in 2007 BEFORE the markets tanked, and time is on his side again (closer rather than later) in predicting another mammoth downturn.

    Now get back to your incessant whining in Politics & Religion, you half-wit.

  7. Onlygold


    If such someone is a true signal of market sentiments, then it means we are at a global lower than low bottom.

    Just buy anything in sight (or not in sight) as long as you buy. :p
  8. Even a broken clock is right twice a day :p

    Just messing with you brother.

  9. LOL ... Good thread.

    We should all remember two things though:
    - markets can stay irrational ...
    - the best indicator of continuation is large number of reversal posts

    until the day it reverses (I'll wait :))
  10. MattF


    best news of the day.

    Guess that's why the Dow dropped

    #10     Oct 20, 2009
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