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  1. Bylo....where in god's name are one of your "the end in nigh" America is toast post.

    I'm sincerely starting to miss them.

    Please....step your game up.
  2. Quit stalking me, you knob gobbler. I don't play that way.

    Go put your pink tutu on and hang out in the Mission District in San Francisco. You're sure to find what you're obviously craving there.
  3. Aw shucks I have offended you. That was not my intent. I was honestly looking forward to see what sort of doom and gloom you could come up with next.

  4. This place ain't no sausagefest, if that's your design.

    If not, yes, I'm incredibly bearish.

    The next wave of forecloses and credit card defaults will be hitting shortly, and anyone who says unemployment has peaked has been chasing the dragon for at least 4 nights consecutively, with no sleep or food.
  5. That's more like it.:)

    got a link?:D
  6. I like the information bylo posts. Maybe it is scarey, but he finds good articles to read.
  7. Get the grill ready for the weekend. Whether it's for 3, 4 or 5 days is up to you. :cool:
  8. Where can I chase the dragon? Always wanted to chalk that up to life experiences :D
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Arnie


    He gets an "A+" for consistency. :D
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