Bye, bye YEN Carry Trades...?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by ASusilovic, May 28, 2007.

  1. Japan's Jobless Rate Unexpectedly Falls to 9-Year Low

    The unemployment rate declined to 3.8 percent from 4 percent

    Household spending rose 1.1 percent, the bureau said separately, more that the 0.2 percent median expectation
  2. Japan Current Account Surplus Widens to Record

    May 14 The surplus expanded 36.9 percent to 3.32 trillion yen ($28 billion)
  3. hmm, you might be premature, the data has been out for an hour and the yen hasn't budged
  4. is falling against yen.
  5. It´s just a matter of two parameters :
    time and patience... :p
  6. Japan’s Corporate Service Sector rose by 1.1% versus 0.6% expected reaching a 9 year high
  7. Cybren


    Time and patience is something you actually don't want to have being Yen long ;-)
  8. yeah i think Nikkei + Yen is way to go
    cuz just doing yen alone the interest would eat you alive.
    unless US falters big time
  9. Let me tell you that according to unofficial rumors the Russian Central Bank is Buying YEN. And the Russians are famous for their timing ;=)
  10. Last time the Russians enetered the market has been at the beginning of February...the YEN gained 400 pips...
    #10     May 29, 2007