Bye bye Wall St bonus?

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    the issue is that they never should have received the bonuses in the 1st place.

    one year is too short a time frame to determine a proper bonus amount
  2. Do you have any idea how smart and how hard the average wall streeters work? This is a very naive statement. Jealousy really sucks
  3. did it ever occur to you that there are some here like the poster you`ve quoted that actually know what the street is about & how it works?

    the net is the only place where a punk can come out of the woodwork & inform a guy that`s been in the business for quite some time on "how" things go down on the street.
  4. Most quotes like "They shouldnt be make that kind of money" usually comes from people who have no idea how business works.
  5. "Do you have any idea how smart and how hard the average wall streeters work?"
    Yes, and I am totally in awe of them. They are my absolute heros.
    Thanks for the reminder...
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    let the bonus reflect a five year period of performance which is a reasonable cycle in the market. you will see how quickly the bonus will shrink or disappear. let the bonus be paid only if it exceeds a certain index adjusted for risk.
  7. LOL! You're claiming that zdreg knows all about Wall Street and how it works? I just want to make sure I understand you correctly before responding.
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    you have a problem dealing with the subject of this thread?
  9. Heh funny isnt it, probably the same guy on two accounts.

    I'm still waiting to hear one valid reason on why people working on Wall St. shouldnt make the type of money they do. I've been on the street for about 3 years and know the dedication and hard work it takes to survive so please tell us why Wall streeters shouldnt make the money they do?

    Its funny how most of the top funds today are all run by ex Wall Streeters yet you guys seem to think these guys are vastly over paid and under skilled.
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