Bye-bye Silver

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    Thanks for that entry, I'll cover in a few months... maybe

  2. I take the long side. You are probably correct in the short term there is no doubt. Lets see what the price is at the end of 1Q 2011.

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    Looks like the “Buy Silver vs. JPM” campaign may have run its course. No more demand as all the buyers are already in.
  4. i'm still buying and i'll be accumulating for the next 25 years.
  5. This is a gift.

    Good entry point to start to build a long position....I needed the pull back.

    Now waiting on Gold.

    Oil is I have yet to go long. I would like to short oil once it hits the 115-120 mark...for a longer term play.....but with the Feds Printing money and QE3 on the horizon.......not sure if it's worth the risk.

    Long Silver is a great play....with this pullback but you may take some heat still at these levels.

    The cheerleaders are out in masses for the US STOCK MARKET, so we may see some outflow of silver by funds into Stocks.

    Also, Heavy short position by one of the Majors....they will cover ....give it one more leg down, they will re-balance their holdings in silver.
  6. i think downside is limited to 24-25
  7. "It's a bull market"
  8. Metals really haven't budged yet. I also thought there would be more USD strength this week.
  9. im in right here

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