Bye Bye Retail Trader

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  1. 06/08/2006 13:32 DJ NYSE Program Trading Avg. 73.3% Of Volume May 30-June 2

    this is brutal
  2. I don't trade equities can you explain further?
  3. The % of the volume is all traded by computers against each other....
  4. all the more reason to be a discretionary trader...
  5. trader3


    I agree.
  6. First of all boys & girls

    It is not "computers against each other"....

    It is the percentage of total volume executed during a time period. Usually it is calculated on a daily basis.

    As for the rest of your comments

  7. RhinoGG

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    My computer can out-trade your computer.
  8. Steve,

    Unless something's changed, I believe you are in error.
  9. My computer can out-trade your computer

    Mine is bigger than yours
  10. This whole "program trading" issue is hogwash. Fundamentally, it's still people trading. Afterall, someone had to come up with the algorithm, implement the algorithm, and manage the algorithm. All the computers do is speed things up dramatically.
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