Bye Bye Miss American Pie!

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  1. "Britain will feel the full power of the new superpower's confidence. This month, for the first time, China's state-controlled banks will begin spending some of its $1.33trn (£670bn) in foreign currency reserves on London's financial markets. Beijing has ruled that Britain should become only the second destination after Hong Kong to be allowed to receive investors' money via so-called "sovereign funds" – the huge state-controlled surpluses built up by cash-rich economies from Qatar to South Korea. Throw in the biggest round of Chinese art exhibitions ever to tour these islands and the oriental bias to 2008 becomes even more pronounced."

    As 2008 is upon the world, America is waking up to the understanding that she is losing her "financial Superpower faster than superman losing his strength with Kriptonite.

    The Sheep, the pundits the idiots all call for the US Market to rally after a January 08 correction. With Warren Buffet saving banks, along side Dubai, do we really wonder about Free Markets?

    The "Powers" that be have saved the US from a massive meltdown, so far. However, the rest of the world runs from the implosion of the dollar while American's become closer to that "Third World" country called Mexico.

    Go ahead america, take the blue pill and wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want.....
  2. whatever. Another in the long line of clueless ones who predict superpower exchange.
  3. You're a fool.
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    I love your handle. :D
  5. Bye bye baby China, you corrupt one party system, lack of oversight, mismanged house of cards.

    You are just a baby, a child. You will not be able to manage a burst bubble. No self-discipline has been learned, it has all been too easy, like a trader first starting out in late 1999. It literally has all been given to you at the expense of those countries that had to work for it. You did not earn it, you did not work for it. You got a huge head start and bypassed the learning curve.

    You have been looking like a baby genius, a prodigy trader. Gonna give back all your profits one day, gonna pay for easy, careless trading. You are gonna ride it all the way down 'cause you think you are and have been called a genius and you will hope it turns around. You don't have a plan 'cause you've never seen it fall before. Hoping it turns back up won't do you no good.

    I've seen your system and people at work, it's blatantly obvious that you don't have what it takes in the face of adversity. You have developed many weaknesses, and few strengths. It has been too easy.

    The US and other countries will end up bailing out the child. How much will it cost us this time?
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    like this sculpture? they may have lots of money but they have a long way to go in art appreciation.
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  8. Good post. Pisses me off to think that even though those idiots were just denying our ships the right to port, etc...they will still turn to us with their hands out when the music stops for them and they don't have a chair.

    You hit the nail on the head in my opinion....they aren't ready for this stuff.
  9. This is one of the best posts.

    I've lived in China (Shanghai) I understand their mentality as well. They suffer from wild overconfidence, over-exuberence perhaps.

    I remember going to one of their investment seminars where a "Shares guru" was spouting his "wisdom". There was a question from a Hong Kong trader:-

    Hong Kong trader:- "...but what happens if the market goes down?"

    Share guru:- "The Chinese market can NEVER go down"!
  10. Interesting. I do not trade on the ASIA markets, only US energy markets, and options.

    I have only experienced China from a "Club" perspective. I own a Techno Label as a hobbie turned great money maker. I have performed countless times in Shanghai.

    I know what type of consumer money is in china as they pay top dollar to see a Techno DJ" and they buy a lot of music. Yes buy, not steal.

    However, from an academic level, (MBA from top US university and 10 years of trading experience) I speak from research and data.

    It isn't the fact that China is smarter, (academic wise they are), it is the fact that the US consumer are fools, the US FED RESRV manipulation and the fact that the US currency has fallen 30% since 2000 or so.

    DEBT vrs Manufacturing. That is the Key.

    Although IBIZA is my next and Final place to live, China has all the respect from me. As far as America, keep drinking your coors light, keep watching your reality TV shows and keep buying buying buying ...
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