bye bye market-yhoo intc tank it...700 pt drop -here we come

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Apr 17, 2007.

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    yup,the dow rose 700pts and ignored the potential earnings disapponitments and i beleive there will be heck to pay tomorrow.Combine that with a tanking dollar and housing that the market has ignored all month long...Short rallies tomorrow.
  2. Um hum...Intel and IBM had good numbers and those are much bigger companies than yahoo.

    And I doubt missed earnings would cause a 700 point selloff
  3. Are you the new Bluestreak?

    Short all you want, and post your positions so we can all giggle as it goes up. And up.

    And up.
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    dsg I would disagree, I think we still have to wait for more earnings. GOOG is falling on yhoo earnings AH.
    INTC is up slightly, they missed on revenue and IBM is up about a buck.
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    INTC missed on revenue!! what is so great about that, please do tell.
  6. Intel up 1% on AH...thats whats matters
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    The Santa Clara, Calif., chipmaker said sales in the first quarter totaled $8.9 billion, slightly less than the $9 billion expected by analysts.

    Net income was $1.6 billion, or 27 cents a share, vs. $1.3 billion, or 23 cents a share at this time last year. Excluding a tax benefit of 5 cents, Intel's EPS beat Wall Street's expectation of 22 cents, the company said.

    While gross margin of 50.1% came in ahead of the company's 49% guidance for the first quarter, Intel said margins in the second quarter would remain under pressure at 48%, plus or minus a couple of points.

    Similarly, Intel's projections for second-quarter revenue were on the low end of analyst expectations. Intel said second-quarter sales will range between $8.2 billion and $8.8 billion, compared with analyst expectations of $8.8 billion.
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    intc was flat revs--very lackluster--back to 19

    yhoo is down 2.00 now and is going to 22...

    yhoo s horrible numbers outweigh intc's lame numbers...

    its adios time for the nasdaq

    banks also camew in with lame numbers and housing sucks.

    This news is going to reflected in stocks very soon...
  9. INTEL and IBM both Flat now in AH

    YHOO down 6% and google down .6%

    QQQQ down 10 cents

    Overall though not a big deal

    Too much growth equals inflation keep in mind
  10. i am long this puppy intc; looks like shit, i know.
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