Bye-Bye IB, Hello Open ECry?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tortoise, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. tortoise


    I'm this close to making this switch. Anyone else done the same? Care to share your feelings about Open Ecry, especially, perhaps, in comparison to I.B.?

    (P.S. I don't need to trade every free market on earth)

  2. nkhoi

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  3. I love open ecry but have reluctantly moved to IB as they have access to Hang Seng and SPI and Kospi but the minute they offer them I will be back also I am using Ninja trader that they dont support.
  4. I'd never trade at a firm that had "cry" in their name. LOL.

  5. Is that because you are old?
  6. I'm currently using Open E Cry and I have no problem with it ever since i open my account with them. There service is reliable.
  7. Ares


    The funny thing is about their charting software

    It lags compared to the DOM, but OEC don't want to admit this problem

    Funny because if you watch one of their video the lag is visible

    If you trade in scalp mode their charts are absolutely useless

    I am just wondering why they are not able to improve this thing and resolve this problem

    Who has programmed this tool? :confused:
  8. tortoise


    My concern is not their charting (I use MultiCharts anyway), but their data's speed/lag. I will give IB this: Their "snapshot" data really hauls during fast market conditions such as those we had post-Fed. Anyone have any problems with OEC data speed yesterday?
  9. Ares


    I tried their demo
    The speed is very good, but I've experimented many disconnections
  10. TORTOISE.......... prior to the fed announcement lag , have you had data lag problems ????
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