Bye-bye Gaddafi-Hello al Qaeda

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seneca_roman, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. It seems al Qaeda has made its way into Libya; see the photo of its flag flying along with the Libyan rebel flag over the Benghazi courthouse. Did al Qaeda get NATO do the heavy work for it?

    Let the real war begin to see who controls Libya and its oil/gas fields.

    CAUTION: this may be a photoshop job-we'll see soon.


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    We've gone from a dictator we had bottled up to the potential for another terrorist breeding ground and active enemy against America.
  3. Unlike the crapholes where al Qaeda has free reign Libya has oil, this fact in its self makes all the difference. al Qaeda in Iraq were a response to allied actions while it looks like they have fought alongside Libyan nationalists supported by allied SF and air assets.
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    Pretty much, thanks Obama.
  5. If Al-Quaeda are now in Libya, that's OK by me. It gives us a whole new bunch of muzzies to test our weapons on.

    :D :D :D
  6. And this is the lunacy of our foreign policy. We prop them up to take them down.
  7. Who cares?!

    We get to kill more muzzie terrorists, and this is good.

    God bless USA and Israel.
  8. taxpayer funded enterprise. Guarranteed to make money and heores .