Bye Bye ER2

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  1. Maverick74


    Yup, it's leaving the Merc and moving to ICE. All futures and options on futures.
  2. The ER2 is dead, long live TF (and may be TO).

    It says that TO (the big contract $500 a point) will trade electronically side by side with TF (the $100 a point contract).

    This may kill the small contract and the Russell 2K futures as we know it.

    The big contract is not very scalable imho and may end daytrading in the ER2 for most day traders if it takes off..

    Hopefully the big contract wont take off.
  3. amiindew


    As I understand it the TF contract is the Russell 2k mini is we know it now, pls see point 9; "....The new mini-size contract (symbol TF) is $100 times the index, with a minimum tick of 0.10 index points, or $10 per contract." Also, it seems that exchange related fees per side are lower at $0.75 compared to the $1.16 CME charges (see point 11). And man ISVs have already been approved access, including TT for example. So wouldn't current daytraders just continue trading the Russell 2k mini on ICE? Or do I miss something here?
  4. question: why will the ER2 moving to ICE kill it ???
  5. when is the last trading day on MERC
    and what is the new symbol on IB

  6. hey mav, gonna get rid of bloomberg. thanks for the heads up.
  7. dhpar


    what the hell has bbg to do with it?
  8. genius , it was a joke. mav knows i trade er2 and the options extensively. i was complimenting his ability to bring important news to us and also his succinctness(see dictionary). i am sure he understands.
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    I see - that was a very good joke :)
    You are certainly talented.
  10. RedDuke


    CME will list it through Sept 2008.

    Bit how did ICE convince Russell to give them exclusive:confused: :confused: :confused:
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