Bye-bye Comcast Digital TV

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bolimomo, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Can't believe that I have been paying Comcast for their Digital TV for about $100/month (with taxes and all the "fees"...) for so long. Close to 500+ channels... but still with nothing good to watch. Think a little more: all I used Comcast Digital for is to access the Discovery-Science channel, National Geographics, and occasionally the Travel channel and Food TV. Plus the free movie channels that are included. Wait for them to toss me a "free" movie to watch from time to time... You get these dog craps.

    Just cut my Comcast Digital TV subscription. Save $100/month. Upgraded my Netflix subscription to 2 DVD out, only about $6/month more. And bought one of these "Netflix Ready" device:

    Viewsonic VMP75

    About $100. Hook it up to my HDTV and network router. Turned it on. Have access to Netflix Instant directly from the device. Now I have all kinds of documentaries and instant movies I can play on-demand. Awesome!
  2. Yeah, I havent had the guts to cut comcast yet. I have a wii that lets me watch netflix too, but searching through netflix movies is a nightmare because they always "suggest" movies and documentaries that I have already watched, so It takes forever to scroll though. I really would like to cut the cord to comcast as I am paying almost $100 per month too. If they raise their prices again, I may just leave. I like their on demand though and their tv reminders of certain shows that I want to watch are coming on. Plus my kids like sesame street on demand, so that makes it harder.

    Their internet is starting to suck also. I'm getting disconnected every couple of days, always when I'm doing something important too, not to mention I cant get phone calls on my house phone when internet goes down (Magicjack uses internet)
  3. Thats my beef too. I must have a third of my channels eaten up by televangelists and home shopping mouths. What a racket, you have to choose between packages? Soon football will even be pricing themselves out. If I've got to pay per game even for my home team ...see ya later.