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  1. Thank you AAPL, GOOG and BIDU for making me so many more millions ..i say right here all long to BUY, BUY BUY and NOT 2 B Stupid...While HATERS say they fall they all go UP, UP UP to the MOON just like me been saying for last 3-6 months!!

    Yeeeeeeeeeee Hawwww AAPL, GOOG and BIDU...

    But now that me sell all of them this past week, me accountant will be busy until next year counting all me new millions....

    NOW, If ANY of you smart at all, you should ask me, Handsome, The genius, should ask me what time it is???
  2. Congrats on the $$$. Just don't be a pig, profits on these momentum shorts can evaporate just as quickly as they materialized.
  3. AAPL may rebound but GOOG is headed for $500 fast.

  4. Um not it isn't

    google has much more upside 2 go

    800 easily in 2008
  5. I should ask you, "Can you speak English correctly?"
  6. FAST.AM


    there is nothing wrong with the economy look at the jobs numbers.. im a high end contractor in IT - i can honestly say i have new seen so much work and the rates r at the top of my scale im not new to this been in business 13 years
  7. This guy is not a real trader, just a piker.

    Let me know if you want to compare monthly Pnls more than happy too. (handsome only)

  8. You are full of hot air.

    Swaggering gambler boasting to the upside...have another drink, its on me.
  9. GOOG is headed for $500 fast..

    Is this your $20 dollar Palm Reader telling you? Why don't you stick another bill in her hand and find out when you will become a trader ?
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